Magic and Mayhem Kindle World


I’m excited to be a part of the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World! I’ve teamed up with some amazing authors to share in Robyn Peterman’s hilarious and fun Magic and Mayhem world.

THE WITCH IS IN by Rose Pressey

Written for the Magic and Mayhem World by Robyn Peterman

Available now on Amazon only


Paranormal Paradise Spa and Resort—the perfect place to get your paranormal mojo back. The best place on earth to reflect and refresh on woeful witchcraft, shoddy shifting, or even faulty fangs.

Bubbly witch Piper Perdue owns this supernatural spa. Piper’s health food and clean living can be annoying for some paranormals—okay, a lot of them. Some find the dietary selection lacking. However, the yoga, massages, and hikes make up for it.

Deedee comes all the way from Assjacket, West Virginia to sort out “issues.” Though she’s not even sure she really has any “issues”. However, a vacation from her hectic life sounds heavenly. A little peace and quiet is all she really needs.

When a guest appears claiming to have amnesia right after a hunky Shifter arrives, the serene spa retreat is no longer zen. Deedee’s relaxing getaway turns into a fight for her life.

Piper must help Deedee figure out who’s trying to cause her harm before the yoga corpse pose becomes Deedee’s permanent position.


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